In our kitchen you'll be cooking almost like at home


Since: from the mixer, to the coffeemachine, to the pastry bowl, to the saucepan for your roast meat, everything is at your disposal.

Furthermore the necessary utensils to make a traditional swiss fondue or raclette are there as well. There are also enough dishes, so you won't be short on anything before the dishwasher is full.

Other kitchenhelpers are: dishwasher, toaster, water boiler, salad spinner, chopping boards, several big salad bowls and some other very useful things.

When you arrive you will find all the basic ingredients you need. For example flour, sugar, oil, vinegar and spices. Our family and our guests appreciate it, not to have to buy these things or to have to bring them along every time we arrive. That's also why we and our attentive guests fill up everything that runs short.

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